Handmade Custom

We hand make every bow, they can come with a metal clip or
rubber band (on request).
There are 100's to choose from, many sizes, colors and styles,
we also offer custom orders.
We have a
ribbon page to choose a ribbon and we are able to
put  pearl, gold, silver beads or crystals in several colors.
The combinations are endless !
We only post bows that we have in stock and are ready to ship.
If you would like us to make you something different let us
know what you are looking for :
special order page
We make four sizes  XS (1"L X 3/8"W), S (1-1/4" X 3/8"),
M (1-1/2" X 5/8") and L (2" X 5/8")
We can also custom a size too upon request.
Write down the stock # as you are looking and then go to the
purchase page
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