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Our new addition to the
family LOVE her to pieces!  
Thanks Debbie
We really enjoyed how welcoming you were when introducing us to
Rex. He's such a wonderful addition to our family. He has a fun loving
extremely outgoing personality and loves everyone he meets. Thank
you for keeping in touch and taking the time to see how all of us are
doing. We are lucky to have such a good puppy in our lives and look
forward to keeping in touch with you!

Kyla and Chad

"My wife and I have been married for more than a year
and were looking for a yorkie puppy since then. We did a
lot of research on the type of pet we wanted and decided
that a yorkie was the best choice for us. We visited a
couple breeders but the puppies they showed to us did not
meet the features and quality we were looking on this
breed. We started to get desperate and actually thought
that we weren’t going to find the perfect pet for us. Just
when we started loosing our hope, we contacted Debbie
and she told us that she just had a new litter available. We
decided to give it a shot and went to see the puppies. The
first thing that impressed us was all the cares that Debbie
had with their little ones. Then she gave us some her we
knew that she was someone that can be trusted and with
a great breeding experience. After this short chat she
showed us Aldo and we fell in love with him immediately.
Then, we decided to adopt him and it was probably one of
our best decisions in our newly marriage life. Now, Aldo is
four and a half months. He is very healthy, playful and well
behaved (exactly to how Debbie described her linage
was). His coat just started growing and it is beautiful. You
can notice the quality and purity of Debbie’s linage on his
physical features and behavior. We feel really blessed
with Aldo and are very confident that he is the perfect pet
for us"

Thanks for all your help with Aldo.


Ricardo and Valeria
Hi Debbie,
included some family photos that we took recently. From the moment I took
very special connection.  Rodney has fallen madly in love with him also.  
Charlie is the first dog we've ever had in our 28 years of marriage that actually
sleeps with us in our bed!  Charlie is such a happy well adjusted fellow.  He
goes with me to many places here in Walla Walla, including the bank where
the girls (the tellers)  dote on him, and the spa where he sits on my lap while I
get my pedicure and the girls at the spa dote on him.
Charlie travels very well,  He has never gotten car sick, and easily traveled
with us on a road trip to AZ  in March.  He has graduated from Puppy 1 and
Puppy 2 class at Petco, and went to a Yorkie meet and greet there where he
met another 5 Yorkies from around here.  Of course he was the cutest and
sweetest! The manager at Petco told me he'd take Charlie home with him in a
second, and said that Charlie doesn't act like a spoiled Yorkie.  I agreed.  
Although we love and dote on him like he is our little baby boy, Charlie
maintains his charm and sweetness.  Everywhere we go people fall in love
with him.  His personality is charming and his manners are admirable for an 8
month-old puppy. Charlie sits to greet strangers, and he's learning to sit/stay
and lie down/stay for longer periods.  He rolls over on command-loves that
one!   If I drop something and say "Leave it" he obeys very well. He doesn't
bark when people come to the door, and he is calm and settles well when we
ask him to.  He loves to go for walks every morning, smell flowers, sit on our
laps, and play fetch.  Rodney played fetch with Charlie for and hour-and-a-half
one day!  He hardly ever barks, but sometimes when he is playing fetch he
gets so excited he lets out a little "Woof" when he begins running after his toy.
And Charlie loves toys!  He knew we'd gotten him some new toys that were in
a bag in our closet, and he kept an eye on the closet door whenever he was
near it and would go for the bag if the door was open!  The plan was to give
Charlie a new toy every once in awhile, but he thought he should get them all
at once.  He was so funny and had to learn patience just like a little child.
accepts his job as my office helper by either chewing on a rawhide in his little
bed on my desk or napping in his little bed or on my lap while I work.  He has
never been a demanding dog.  I got to know that about him when he traveled
from AZ to WA by airplane when he was 16 weeks of age, and he never
complained a bit about being in his carrier on the plane.  And people would
comment on how calm he was sitting on my lap with me waiting at the gate.  
One lady stopped to talk to me about traveling with a Yorkie.  She also had a
Yorkie, a female 16 weeks old that she had left at home because she said
that her puppy would never sit quietly for long periods of time like Charlie
was.  She was amazed by him.  That's one of my nicknames for Charlie, "Mr.
Charlie is always full of wiggles and kisses when greeted by his family.  And
when he is settling in for a rest while we're holding him he makes the cutest
little squeaking sounds.  Sounds of contentment I call them.  
Charlie was neutered in April and came through the procedure very well.  He
weighed 3 lbs 5 oz at 6 months.
Both Rodney's mother and my mother adore Charlie.  My mom always asks,
"How's my little grandson?" when I talk to her on the phone.  I could go on and
on about Charlie, and because you were his breeder mom, I'm sure it's OK
with you how much I've bragged about him.  We just love and appreciate him
so much.
We are thankful everyday that we found your website Debbie, saw the photo
of "Little Prince", and had the opportunity to meet you.  I highly recommend
you whenever we're asked where we got Charlie (which is often), and we
would definitely seek you out again when we adopt another Yorkie.  We
appreciate how much care you take in breeding a great personality into your
line as well as the traits of adorableness!  We've met some other Yorkies who
lack the great personality traits of calmness and sweetness, and are always
very grateful that we have our sweet Charlie.  And we also appreciate how
you took the time starting at Charlie's birth to raise him into a well adjusted
little fellow. for instance, thank you for pulling him around in a wagon to learn
to be a good traveler. It's been wonderful to take Charlie with us when we go
places. It can be difficult to find a quality Yorkie breeder that you can trust, so
you are truly a blessing!  I highly recommend adopting one of your adorable
Yorkie puppies for a lifetime of joy and happiness.  That is what Charlie (Little
Prince) has brought to our family.  Thank you!



Here is a current photo of buster. He is doing great. He is sweet
playful confident and an all around wonderful boy. He and Ava have
so much fun playing together. He loves his toys but loves to play
chase with Ava more than anything. He greets everyone with a
wagging tail and kisses. I do not think he realizes he is only 3 lbs.  
he walks beautifully on a leash and is working hard on basic
commands.  He is everything we hoped for plus!

Hi Debbie
Well I am glad that you liked the pictures.
I would like to just say thank you for selling us this precious little
dog.  She is so wonderful.  She has such a good personality.  She
is adventurous and outgoing.  I was worried that she would be too
fragile to even enjoy – but it is quite the opposite – she has a lot of
high she can jump.  We love her and not only ‘would we’
recommend your breed – but we have already given your name out
to several people.  She is a crowd stopper J
Thank you,
When we decided to get a yorkie I researched online
with other breeders I found Debbie. When I
appointment the same day to meet the puppies.

Debbie was wonderful and made us feel comfortable
right away and we bought sweet little Daisy. We
have had two other puppies before and I was
nervous to get another. Daisy has been the easiest
puppy we have EVER had. She is happy, lovable,
cuddly, healthy, very intelligent and wants to please.
She slept the whole night through (no crying) since
the night we brought her home.

Debbie told us to call or text her anytime and we do.
She is very helpful and so knowledgable with any
questions we might have. Debbie already had Daisy
leash and paper trained when we got her home.
Daisy is the perfect addition
to our family and we feel so
lucky to have her!!
Hi Debbie,  I really wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I found you.  
When I lost my 13 year old yorkie early last year, I knew I wanted to find
knowledge of the breed, or  limited experience resulting in low quality puppies.
It was do discouraging.  As soon as I spoke with you I felt that I had found an
experienced breeder that put the health and welfare of her dogs and puppies
first.  Your credentials and show records are impeccable. You made sure that
I received all the information I needed to make the decision to adopt my
beautiful Piper.  I appreciate all the advice and direction you gave to make sure
were so helpful.  Thank you also for all the socialization and  training you did.  
Piper was leash trained and used potty pads from the day I took her home.  
She loves her obedience training and is smart and so gorgeous.  She is calm
and quiet. An absolutely perfect companion.  Thank you so much for all you do
for the breed and your dogs.  I am so happy!
Hi Debbie

I want to let you know how very grateful and thankful I am to
you.  You have really showed me what a good breeder is all
about.  When I was looking to purchase a Yorkshire puppy you
returned my call immediately, now at the time that really didn't
impress me that much.  I thought to myself, "What breeder
wouldn't want to make a "buck" and be done"... Well that's not
you!  Since I purchased my puppy over seven months ago you
have been there for me with any questions I have from training
to grooming to the best and least expensive supplies to
purchase!  You have went above and beyond.  I was really in
the dark on how to raise a puppy, I hadn't had one in over
twelve years but you have been right there for me and my little
Hanna!  You have always called or text me right back...
amazing!  Now I want to thank you for the beautiful Yorkshire I
purchased from you.  She is everything I expected and more!  I
could not have asked for a more beautiful impressive puppy.  
Thank you Debbie, you have shown me what a Good Breeder is
all about!
Dawn and Hanna Bean
All grown up at 2 lbs even !
Our Dolce is an unbelievable Puppy! She has
come to us This is such a credit to Debbie, as this
has been a dream experience in welcoming a new
We are in LOVE!
Thank you Debbie !
Patti & Jerry
Hi Debbie,
Sorry I haven't written sooner to brag about the beautiful baby
boy we got from you. I had to wait about 2 1/2 weeks to get him
then. Chris  & I are having so much fun with him that we rarely
do anything but watch his antics & play with him. He amazes
us everyday with his intelligence. We have a little set of stairs
by the couch to help him & our little 10 yr. old Yorkie get up
there. We figured it would take about a week at least for him to
figure those steps out but much to our surprise in 2 days he
had figured that out  all by himself!  I am teaching him basic
obedience because I want to train get fed only if he calms
down & sits. He is very energetic but on the other hand he can
become a very calm, relaxed puppy in a matter of seconds! We
love watching him tear toward us at intense speed only to see
him hit the brakes ,get picked up & snuggle in our arms. He is
very photogenic & poses well for pics. In other words one
fantastic little guy.
I also want to comment on my experience of getting a puppy
from you. It was an absolutely great experience!  I was amazed
at how friendly & warm you were on the phone, in no hurry to
get off the phone, glad to answer any questions,telling me
what all you did with the pups to give them a good start before
they were old enough to leave mommy, and how well Bobbin
would do from the time I was to pick him up. All the way home
he acted like it was no big deal to be without his siblings &
travel in a car. Again thank you for letting us have this
fantastic little guy!
Dear Debbie,   I wanted to take this
time and I are with Little Riggs.  He
is either a genius, or you spent lots
of hours training him.  House
training him is a breeze.  He also
comes and sits when he wants to
be picked up.  He is so tiny we are
going to put a bell around his neck
so we don't step on him.  He is
beautiful, smart, loving and so well
tempered, I could call him one of
my Grand Kids but he is mine.  
Thank you again, I will only get my
dogs from you in the future.  Dianne
Dear Debbie,
birthday today!  We can’t thank you enough for her!  She
has been the best addition to our family that we could have
ever asked for.  She brings us so much joy and love.  We
are so impressed with your breeding skills and passion for
what you do.  Everything was so professional from the
moment we walked through your door.  You didn’t just sell
us a puppy you showed us from day one how to be a Yorkie
family.   You answered every call, text and even took time
to come to our home to show us how to groom our Yorkie
for the 1st time.  Thanks to you we feel very comfortable
with our Piper and are excited to say that we will be getting
another one from you very shortly.  We would never go to
another breeder!  Our little family will be complete with our
little girl and boy.
Sincerely, Bob & Karly
Scottsdale, AZ
I wish I would've added into my
testimonial about how detailed you were
in helping a new pet owner with a dog in
regards to knowing what supplies I
would  need and giving me a list so I
testimonial because I truly love that
about how you helped us this whole way.
Dear Debbie,

Thank you for being a great Yorkshire Terrier
breeder!   We had lost our previous Yorkie
about a year and a half when we were told
about you from a friend.  As you know, our
hearts were broken and our family was missing
an important member.

After several phone conversations and meeting
with you, we decided that you were the breeder
for us.  We then became proud new "parents".  
Our puppy will be a year old this month on July
17.  In celebration of his life and as his birthday
approaches, we want you to know that he
continues to be a source of pure delight in our
lives. From the moment we brought Bequia Blu,
née Mini Coop, home he has been our joy
bundle.  He has grown from curious round
puppy to a people loving, soft as silk, prancing
young male. He loves to ride in the car,
behaves in restaurants and makes everyone he
meets smile.  He loves to play, hike and
continues to be very inquisitive about life.  We
have trained him to sit, stay and come.  He also
mediates with us daily.  Most of all he has
helped to make our family whole again.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for
taking good care of your dogs and producing
such beautiful, happy Yorkshire Terrier puppies
that grow into happy, healthy dogs.  

Roseann and Matt
Bequia Blu sends wags and licks
Hi Grammy
Mommy asked me to right a testimonial, what ever that is because I was
wondering where I came from.
So I want to tell my story,:  It all started when Mommy and Daddy where
living in Australia. Mommy told Daddy she wanted to get a Yorkie when
they moved back home to Scottsdale. Daddy said OK. So on the Internet
she went looking for a good breeder she could trust. She made long
distant calls and started gathering info on the breeders and Yorkies. Then
she found Grammy Debbie, so she called and checked out her website.
Wow she was very impressed, all Mommy's questions were answered, she
found the right breeder.
Grammy Debbie is always just a call away, when Mommy fell in love with
me, she went and picked up the things I needed to train me. I was already
potty pad trained and I walked on the leash very well. Right now I'm so
smart I'm training myself to go potty out side. I am so happy Mommy found
Grammy Debbie, I love going to Grammy's house to visit cause she
grooms me and I am beautiful. I'm one happy girl.
Thank you. Grammy Debbie and Mommy.
We just wanted to let you know our Piper had her 1st birthday today!  We can't thank you enough
for her! She has been the best addition to our family that we could ever ask for. She brings us so
much joy and love. We are so impressed with your breeding skills and passion for what you do.
Everything was so professional from the moment we walked through the door. You didn't just sell
us a puppy you showed us from day one how to be a Yorkie family. You answered every call, text
and even took time to come to our home to show us how to groom our Yorkie for the 1st time.
Thanks to you we feel very comfortable with our Piper and are excited to say that we will be be
complete with our little girl and boy.
Well, we now have our beautiful boy, Bouncy Honey Poo Bear and he is just as wonderful as
expected! He is a perfect gentleman and wonderful family addition! I have had people ask me who
is the Breeder....that to me speaks volumes, I would recommend your yorkies above any pups I
have ever seen. Bouncy Honey Poo Bear is the best brother Piper could have ever asked for!
Thank you for making us a Yorkie home.

Sincerely, Bob & Karly
Scottsdale, AZ
Hi, Debbie. Just wanted to take the
opportunity on Charlie's (Little
Prince) 2nd birthday today to thank
is so sweet and special to us!is so
sweet and special to us!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing Simba into my life! I
am so thankful to have found such an amazing breeder and couldn't
have asked for a better experience. I could truly tell how much your dogs
and puppies mean to you and how passionate you were about finding
them good homes.

Simba has such a fun personality. He makes me laugh and smile
everyday! I am having such a great time teaching him new tricks. He is
almost through his 6 week obedience training and is at the top of his
class. He is such a smart little guy!

Simba is such the little gentleman. He sleeps for 8 hours every night
without a peep, is almost completely potty trained and listens to me like
you wouldn't believe. He is very good with other dogs and is healthy as
can be. I couldn't have done it without your help! Thank you for
continuously being a support system and for checking in to see how
Simba is doing from time to time.

If anyone is looking for an amazing puppy, breeder and experience.
Debbie is your gal!

Thanks again,


Our story starts on the internet. We were looking for
a yorkie as a family member. We looked on sites in
Nevada, California and Arizona.
We made many calls, some we crossed off
immediately, and then we got lucky, very lucky. We
googled Yorkshire terrier in Arizona. The first
breeder we spoke to was Debbie, we talked for
about an hour, to be honest she seemed to good to
be true, but everything she told us came true. We
made the six hour trip to Scottsdale, we met Penny
and immediately fell in love. She was smart, potty
trained and leash trained.Debbie told us she was
only a phone call away,  and believe me she is the
true DOG WHISPERER. She tells you what to do
and is correct 100% of the time. We have called
Debbie numerous times for advice and our many
questions. She has  been patient with us as we are
certain she is with her puppies .We  have had other
Yorkshire, PENNY is not the first but she is the
best. Due to Debbie's hard work and perseverance
her puppies and families are perfect matches.
Hi Debbie
Diego..she just loves
the Penny's first trip to
San beach!!
Anyone out there looking for a small,beautiful,intelligent,full of fun Yorkie puppy should check
out"My Little Blue Yorkies" in Scottsdale,AZ. We have had this breed of dog for 40 years---both
ones we picked from a breeder, & adorable little rescues we found different places. Loved them
all! But if you are looking for a home where the owner really knows this breed& loves them from
the heart & soul you need to check out this site & talk to Debbie.  In her intro she says she will
answer any question you have & give you a lot more info than you would ever think of asking! If
you have more questions before you buy the pup or after she is "always" there.I was shocked the
first time I called to have a call back within 30 min. And that is the way she was no matter how
got our "Too Smart" little boy Bobbin from her--- what a lot of fun that was!! He's 9 months old
now & still too smart! He entertains us every day. He is a little cutie.! I kept looking at Debbie's
site because her pups are so cute to check out. One day she texted me that Bobbin had little
siblings. Well that started the ball rolling again! So to make a long story shorter we are now the
proud parents of baby sister Zipper. She is a lot tinier then her brother but that's what we
wanted. When I called about Rio( Bobbins name at the time Debbie came right out & asked me
if I wanted a 5 pound Yorkie since most everyone wants the tiny ones. A lot of breeders would not
have said anything & sold him to me without making sure that was what I wanted. That sold it
right there. Debbie & I have kept in touch since I got Bobbin & she is right there with me for
Zipper now!! Even helps me with obedience procedures with Bobbin. I'm hoping I don't have to
keep buying dogs to keep her in my life! LOL. So as I said in the beginning "go to Debbie".
We are so glad to have met you. You are the most knowledgeable
and caring Yorkie breeder we know. After a horrible experience with a
local Arizona breeder we were hesitant on getting another dog,
however with many talks and visits we got our little Fins aka Leevi
from you.
We are so happy and love him to pieces. He is such a happy little boy
and gives us so much joy, love and laughter in our home not only to
my husband and myself, but to our 6 year old unhealthy Yorkie. To our
surprise the 2 dogs have made such a great bond together.

We are thankful for the way you take such great care of the babies in
the beginning of their life with your love, time and care they have a
great start. You are a dog whisperer .

We value your knowledge and friendship. Anyone looking for a great
lovable little Yorkie should contact you. You are the best.
Stan, Gail, Riggins and Fins
overwhelmed and frustrated.  I had no idea
how I would ever decide on a breeder.  Most
pushing puppies and the rest seemed
clueless.  My dogs are more than just pets;
they’re a member of my family, so it was
extremely important that I adopt a healthy,
happy and well-bred baby from a quality,
experienced and reputable breeder.  Late
one evening while researching online, I found
My Little Blue Yorkies and sent a quick
email.  Less than 30 minutes later, I received
a call from Debbie.  She not only answered
all of my questions, but told me everything
and anything I could ever imagine regarding
her experience, breeding, Yorkies as a breed
and her beautiful dogs.  I was impressed by
not only her knowledge and experience, but
her passion for breeding and love for her
dogs.  After all of the frustrations, I finally felt
confident and secure in proceeding.

The next day I went to meet my beautiful
baby boy and brought him home just one
week later.  Debbie helped me prepare for
every aspect of bringing Romeo home. He is
now the joy and light of my life. He is all
personality, the perfect combination of sugar
and spice.  He has the proudest little prance
and a face you just can’t help but
immediately fall in love with.   Thank you

I was looking for a puppy when I found Debbie's ad.  I had been looking for
She would answer any questions that I would ask and be there when ever I
needed an answer.  I live in Idaho so I was unable to see the puppy in
person.  She sent pictures and everything that she said about the puppy
was correct.  I purchased the little girl and  had her flown to me.  That really
made me nervous  as she was flying from Phoenix to Idaho.  Debbie made
sure that she was safe and cared for on her flight.  We were in contact with
each other until I picked her up from the airport.  I would recommend to
anyone who was looking for a wonderful Yorkie to contact Debbie. She is
very knowledgeable about the breed and is more than willing to help when
you have a question.  I am so grateful to of had the opportunity to do
business with Debbie.

Barbara  from Idaho